Student resource pack

We've created some resources for you to download and use in your school or college to try and encourage young people to consider a career in procurement.

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Complete your details and receive our Free Student Resources which includes posters, leaflets, the Pizza Puzzle and other promotional materials. Whether you are running an event, adding to your careers library or want to find out more, simply complete the box with details of what you are doing, the audience and potential numbers and we'll send you the relevant pack and post it out free of charge.

Presentations and workshops

Procurement Professionals

Schools, colleges and universities are always looking to engage with people in business to give thier students some insights into the world of work.  Contact your local school or college, one of the CIPS study centres, or register with Inspiring the Future to find opportunities in your area.  Download our sample presentations or tweak them to add your own personal experiences and encourage the next generation to seek out procurement as a career choice.

Tutors and careers advisors

CIPS has a global community of over 115,000 procurement professionals ready and willing to come into your school or college to deliver a careers talk on procurement. Contact us or register with Inspiring the Future to get in touch with someone to visit your school or college.  Alternatively you can download the resources and use them yourselves. For more information on how CIPS members can help your school or college visit


Student resource pack

We have put together the following materials for you to bring to be used in conjunction with presentation and leave behind. If you would like these materials please complete the form above.
1. Poster- driving advisers and students to the website
2. Giveaway tag – leave behind for students
3. The journey – précis leaflet to the website (Downloadable version available for self print)
4. Pizza puzzle game – (Downloadable version available for self print)

Download the Journey

Download the printable version

CIPS Be a Buyer Print version

Download the Pizza puzzle... A sourcing dilemma workshop that gives a hands on approach to negotiating and working as a team – a skill which is extremely important in procurement.



Download the Procurement and Supply presentation...

We've developed a Purchasing and Supply Presentation  that provides a brief overview of what procurement and supply is all about using real case studies.



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