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It’s important to understand the business environment when you work in purchasing. Employers will be looking for you to have knowledge and experience of working in a company. You can find out more about what purchasing and supply is about by taking our journey. There are also a wide range of interesting articles at Supply Managementemployers will be impressed to hear you have read some news stories and that you understand some of the challenges that buyers face.  


Your application and CV are the first impression that many employers will have of you so getting it right is important. Read through our tips from application through to interview and psychometric testing to help you stand out against other applicants.  


Job hunting tips

If you are going for an interview straight from school or college and you don’t have any work experience, think about all the activities you have been involved in and how relevant they are for the work place.  It’s not enough to list these things on your CV, spell it out to the interviewer in your application or cover letter and they are far more likely to want to explore this in the interview.  That way, at least you can predict some of the questions they ask you and you can prepare.  

Examples could include drama classes or theatre groups you have been involved in. This really helps to demonstrate that you can communicate in an engaging way with a large group of people and that you have confidence.  Perhaps you’ve captained a local football team. This shows great leadership skills, persuading and encouraging the team to work together as well as showing that you are not afraid to take on some responsibility. Emma Scott, Representation Manager, CIPS
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