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Dionne’s story
Dominic’s story
Rosie’s story

Dionne’s story

Dionne has worked in procurement for nearly eight years now.  After working as a Personal Assistant after her A-levels she soon realised it wasn’t for her and she took a job as a purchasing administrator. It wasn’t long before she realised how much more exciting and satisfying working in procurement was and she started her CIPS Graduate Diploma to become a professionally qualified buyer.

“Thinking back, most people at school were thinking and talking about roles in law, risk or  customer facing roles, Dionne comments.  That’s what everyone had their eye on.  What’s interesting is that is exactly what my purchasing role is, and more.  No two days are the same – it’s not a normal office job where you sit at your desk all day.  I have the opportunity to work with teams across the whole business and test my knowledge and awareness of the financial, legal and the business environment every time I’m putting a new supplier contract together. I enjoy the face-to-face contact and customer interactions I get from working in a purchasing environment, – its great.”

Since working in purchasing, Dionne has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and has realised no two contracts are the same.

“I really enjoy the diversity of working in purchasing as you get to do a little bit of everything and every day is varied – the fast paced environment adds the additional thrill, especially when we’re cutting the final deal.  I still get a buzz from face-to-face negotiations with suppliers – that’s one of the exciting parts for me”.

Simon (who Heads up the Procurement team at Experian) notes:

“Quite often it’s finding the right personalities as well as  the right enthusiasm. This coupled with commercial knowledge and desire to study CIPS qualifications sets those apart from the rest and makes them an attractive candidate”.

Dominic’s story

Dominic always had a strong interest in business, his entrepreneurial spirit has led him to get involved with all sorts of businesses including producing and managing a Facebook page for MotoGP's Bradley Smith.

“I always had a strong interest in business and was leaning towards doing a business degree; it was studying A level business that helped me really decide”.

Dominic chose the BA (Hons) Business Studies at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) which is a CIPS Accredited University.

“The LJMU course stood out by some distance as it focused on employability and practical skills rather than purely business theory.  The placement year and CIPS accreditation offered in the placement routes are great incentives and will hopefully increase my chances of getting a job once I graduate”.

“The course is a good mix of theory and real world examples and research. For example, in my purchasing module we have covered the fundamentals of procurement, but also researching the history and evolution of the profession. I think it’s giving me a better all-round understanding of the topic”. Dominic is sure about a role in procurement, even though he’s not finished his degree yet.

“It’s the ability to impact so many elements of the business in so many industries that I find most interesting.  I’ve seen potential job opportunities come from companies as wide ranging as luxury car makers, chemical producers and soft drinks companies - it’s very exciting. You often read about companies in news stories growing their procurement teams, this has got to be a good thing and it makes procurement a difficult profession to ignore.  I absolutely want to go into the profession when I graduate”.

Rosie’s story

Rosie was at a real crossroad when she was getting ready to finish school after her A levels, she had applied for university courses but she wasn’t convinced it was what she wanted to do.

“I wanted to keep my options open so I starting to apply for jobs and apprenticeships too. I saw the Business and Administration Apprenticeship advertised on the EDF Energy website and it looked really interesting so I decided to go for it!”.

Rosie was successful and turned down her University places to take on the two year scheme with the supply chain team at EDF Energy.

Although I was recruited to work in the supply chain team I had rotations in engineering, communications, and I also worked on a project. Supply chain really stood out for me out of all the other departments, mostly because you are working in all areas of the business, with customers and suppliers – it’s just so varied”. When the apprenticeship came to an end Rosie was offered a job in supply chain working on supplier development and EDF Energy are sponsoring her to complete an HND in Business Management with a view to completing her CIPS qualifications afterwards.

“I would definitely recommend a job in procurement to anyone. You get to work on projects and see all the materials you were responsible for buying all come together, it’s a real sense of achievement.  My rotations on the apprenticeship scheme have really helped me understand the different perspectives on projects and realise how working collaboratively with suppliers can help to get great results”. EDF Energy employ a  number of apprenticeships each year.

“We all supported each other, there was a real sense of community and support from EDF Energy”.


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